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This site started off as a means of publishing quite an extended family history, for one Esson family line in Logie Coldstone Aberdeenshire. That being the family of Alexander and Marqaret Henderson Esson who lived at the Mosstown, Belack Logie Coldstone and of course, their many descendants.

The scope of research inevitably and quickly became much broader, so information was added about the Esson  name, Esson families in general and history which surrounded them and influenced their lives.

People contact the site from time to time offering information and asking for help with their research. That is greatly appreciated and again, one of the aims of the site to help people researching history and their family roots in Aberdeenshire. There is a lot to add and even more to research. It is important the information presented is easily understandable, accurate, referenced etc. and so that is also a focus and work in progress.

Sources and Credits 

Information has been drawn from many sources. The aim is to rely on primary reliable sources, official records and substantial documents wherever possible.

Many people have contributed their own work on family history and that is greatly appreciated. Some of the main contributors are as follows.

Lott Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie’s work formed the basis and rationale for the start of this site. Lott was born an Esson at the Mosstown ,Blelack in Logie Coldstone. She collected a great deal of information, especially surrounding her own family line in Logie Coldstone as well as surrounding parishes. Painstaking effort built up a huge collection of data over many years. Much of it was recorded by hand, collected by visits as the internet was not available for much of the time. In some cases she was helped by a professional researcher. Her correspondence included people in many places including the UK, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and so on.

A picture of Lott and her husband Tom.



Irene Esson of Vancouver

Also a descendant of the Millhead Essons, specifically of John Esson, b, 21.1.1803). Irene has also done a great deal of research over many years, which she  shares on ancestry.com. Lott and Irene were in frequent contact. Irene continues to research with great enthusiasm and has provided help to many family researchers over the years. Irene continues to research with great enthusiasm and has recorded her research on ancestry.com..

This picture here is of her and her granddaughter from a few years ago.



Others people whose work is referenced include:-

David Bowen of Timbergrove Canada (descended from Robert Esson b. 16.1.1800 Millhead)

Charles Esson of Collieston Aberdeenshire (also descended from Robert Esson b. 16.1.1800 Millhead)

Matthew Purdey (descended from Margaret Esson 22.7.1810 Millhead)

Content and Privacy: No information relating to people born after 1930 is included here for reasons of privacy. The content has been generated by lengthy research by a number of people and is continually being constantly developed. Mainly to keep the information consistent and up to date, it I protected by copyright and any significant  re-publication of the content must be at the agreement of the website’s author and accompanied with a reference. In return other copyright will be respected here and suitable references made.   


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