Christian Anderson’s former family The Anderson’s of Candacraig

Christian Anderson married Alexander Esson in xx.xx.xx, and they lived at Millhead. She was

Christian was born around xxxx, one of around a number of illegitimate children of Alexander Anderson, 9th Laird of Candacraig in Strathdon. Apart from this fact we know very little about her former life, not even the identity of her mother.

We do know Christian’s half-sister, Helen or Nellie Anderson, was another illegitimate daughter of Alexander Anderson. Her mother is believed to be Isobel Ross of Strathdon.


Alexander earned particular notoriety during a court case taken against him by Jean Farquharson of Allargue which lasted from xxxx to xxxx.

Six of Alexander’s children were born to Jean Grant who lived as his wife until he finally married here in 1817 shortly before his death. A further eleven illegitimate children were left.

Fortunately one thing in Alexander’s favour was that he seems to have been very generous toward all his children. Christian and her husband, Alexander Esson and their children received substantial help from him..

Some more detail is provided at the links below.

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