Alexander Esson of Oregon

Alexander Esson born 19th January 1799 was sponsored by his father Alexander Anderson of Candacraig to become a surgeon. He went to India and there died, a casualty of the fighting. He had a son outside marriage to Isobel Ross, also called Alexander, born 10th July 1823. Isobel died leaving Alexander to be looked after by his aunty Margaret Esson and Uncle John (Jock) Law who he did not get on well with. The two men argued when Alexander was 14 and in a fight perhaps over a watch their father had left. The story goes he stabbed his uncle, and fled, afraid that he had killed him. His uncle survived however. Alexander joined the army, the 79th Regiment Queen’s own Cameron Highlanders, going the army records say first to  Gibraltar, but then to Canada as there was an uprising there. He left the army and travelled to Panama, then California and ultimately to Oregon where he married into the Stevenson family and had a large family.

Alexander Esson, his wife Christina Stevens Esson and their children and grandchildren.


His son Alby, a Minister with link to an article.

Alexander’s story as told by his family and supplied by Irene Esson of Canada of Alexander Esson –   Father and son.


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