Family Line Charts, Stories and Background



Our Own Family Line and Visibly Linked Relatives

Logie Coldstone : Millhead to Mosstown of Blelack : John Esson to Alexander Esson – 1719 to 1971 : Overview : Detailed Notes

Logie Coldstone : Low Family : Margaret Isabella Low married William Esson on 6th December 1867 : Chart

Logie Coldstone : Morrison Family : Margaret Henderson Morrison married Alexander Esson on 20th June 1923 : Chart 

Clearly Related to us  Via Robert Esson, Millhead (b. ca. 1723)

Aboyne : Balnacraig to Canada : Robert Aesson of Balnacraig :  1753 onwards : Story : Chart : Ship’s Passengers Details – Essons and Gales

Logie Coldstone : Melgum : William Esson 1762 onwards : Chart

Logie Coldstone : Bog, Davoch, Coull and Lumphanan : Peter Esson ca 1750 onwards : Chart

Other Descendants of John Esson of Millhead (b. 21.1.1803)

Logie Coldstone: Millhead to Vancouver : John Esson (1803) to Irene Wales Esson Chart and notes

Other Descendants of Alexander Esson of Millhead (b. 1766)

Alexander Esson : Millhead to India and Alexander Esson of Oregon – by Tom Ewing : Story

Waulkmill Essons

Waulkmill : Chart

Lumphanan : Chart

Other Essons

Essons of Bennachie : Chart

William Alexander Esson of Toronto : and his line from Nether Ruthven, Logie Coldstone : Story and chart

Essons in Cromar Listed by Home : Spreadsheet


Origins of the Ayson / Esson family name Story 

Some History of Cromar : Story

The Raid of Angus : Story

James Ayson was an apprentice building a new stone bridge at Dunkeld from 1511 to 1518. Here is a history of : Bridges and Crossings over the River Tay at Dunkeld

Robert Esson – a convict : Story

Data and information

Essons / Eassons in the List of Pollable Persons in the Shire of Aberdeen 1696 : List

Passenger Crossings from Scotland to Canada and River Journeys from Quebec to Montreal : List

Other related people’s family history work : List