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Wyntoune, Andrew (1426) Wyntoune’s Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland (Vol III ed. David Laing (In “Historians of Scotland” Vol IX)”  Wyntoun was an Augustinian canon of a monastery on St. Sers Inch island in Loch Leven. He wrote this epic rhyming history of Scotland in the 1420’s. It’s said he may have drawn on first-hand accounts of the battle of Glasclune to write a graphic description.

Robert Ayson of Tullimet. Plaintiff :1493 : Records of the Scottish Parliament to 1707 of St Andrews University. Records of a court case pursued by Robert Ayson of Tullimet 1493

Braes o’ Tulliemet by Jane M Banner – an excellent e-book by Jane M Banner telling of some more recent history of Tulliemet

Braes o’ Tulliemet Facebook Media Page by Jane M Banner – a Facebook page. also excellent,  with much about Tuliiemet’s more recent history too.

Logie Coldstone and Cromar

The History of Loch Kinnord (1877) John Grant Michie (on Electric Scotland)

The History of Logie Coldstone and Braes of Cromar (1896) : John Grant Michie

Deeside Tales Or Men and Manners On Highland Deeside since 1745 (1908) : John Grant Michie. John Grant Michie. was born in Ballater, he became Minister at Logie Coldstone xx to xx and wrote a number of books about the history of Logie Coldstone

Tales and Memories of Cromar and Canada.: Donald Robert Farquharson. Detailed account of life in Logie Coldstone in the 1800’s by a one time pupil and friend of John Grant Michie.

The life and curious adventures of Peter Williamson (ca. 1756) : Peter Williamson. True story of slave trading and corruption from Aberdeenshire to America in the 18th century

The Lily of Culblein (p. 349, Chapter XXII, within Phillp Rollo or The Scottish  Musketeers) (1857) James Grant included a romantic tale set in and around Logie Coldstone in a wider story of hismtorical fiction

Records of Invercauld 1657-1829 : John Grant Michie

The Campaign and Battle of Culblean, A.D. 1335 in Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 1929 : Douglas Simpson

The Campaign and Battle of Culblean : W. Douglas Simpson

Wikipaedia – Battle of Culblean

Wars of the Covenant

The National Covenant (a brief overview British Civil War Project)  

Covenanter Compensation Court, Tarland (on p.94 Deeside Tales by J.G. Michie)

The National Covenant and Civil War – 1660: A summary on the Scottish History Society website


“A Lyon in mourning” A most extraordinary anthology on the aftermath of Culloden

Jacobite Risings : Wikipaedia

The 1745 rising : Wikipaedia

Some Letters and documents here : In the National Library of Scotland

General History

Map of Parishes in the North East Counties of Aberdeen, Banff, Kincardine, Moray and Nairn  

Place names of West Aberdeenshire by James Macdonald

Celtic Place Names in Aberdeenshire by John Milne

Electric Scotland : Documents and text on the History of Scorland

Canmore Archaeology



Other Stories

Sinking of the convict ship Waterloo