About This Site

This site is focused primarily on the extended family history for one Esson family line, our own, in Logie Coldstone Aberdeenshire. That being the family of Alexander and Margaret Henderson Esson who lived at the Mosstown, Blelack Logie Coldstone and their many relatives ancestors and descendants.

Beyond that there is information on the Esson name and its history, Esson families generally extending across Abderdeenshire, Scotland and overseas in some cases to Canada in particular.

Researching family history brings out background of situations and events which seem different when viewed this perspective, and sometimes history emerges which is practically forgotten or less well known. It seems right to try to give a view on that too because it is easy to forget how different the world was for our past families. It seems a good way to learn about the history too, in some ways maybe a more authentic way.

The intention is the site will provide a view of many generations of families with a common Scottish name and some of the history which surrounded them. There is a semblance of that now, but a great deal more to document and even more to research.

People contact the site from time to time offering information and asking for help with their research. That is greatly appreciated and again, one of the aims of the site is to help people researching history and their family roots in Aberdeenshire. There is a lot to research and to add, an endless amount probably. An effort is made, hopefully enough, to make sure the information presented is fairly easily understandable, accurate, referenced etc. but that is quite a challenge as can easily be seen sometimes.



Many people have contributed their own work on family history and that is greatly appreciated. Some of the main contributors are as follows.

Lott Ritchie

Lott and Tom Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie’s did a great deal of research on Esson families over many years, starting long before the internet and electronic databses were available it was a prodigious effort.

Lott was born an Esson at the Mosstown ,Blelack in Logie Coldstone. She gathered much informationon her own family line in Logie Coldstone as well as surrounding parishes. Her reseeach extended to other related families, including the Andersons, Ross’s, Morrisons Lowes and so on. Collating Lott’s work, organising it and publishing it was the first aim of this website.

Occasionally she was helped by a professional researcher Diane Baptie of Edinburgh. She was also in touch with many Essons around the world  including the UK, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and so on, as the many letters she kept evidence.






Other people whose work is referenced here include:-

Irene Esson of Vancouver

Irene Esson and her granddaughter

Irene is also a descendant of the Millhead Essons, (specifically of John Esson, b, 21.1.1803). Irene has also done a great deal of research over many years, which she shares on ancestry.com.










Tom Ewing of Oregon

Tom is another descendant of the Millhead Essons – and a historian in Oregon. He wrote an account of how the Essons arrived in Oregon from Millhead.

Charles Esson of Collieston Aberdeenshire (also descended from Robert Esson b. 16.1.1800 Millhead)

David Bowen of Timbergrove Canada (descended from Robert Esson b. 16.1.1800 Millhead)

Matthew Purdey (descended from Margaret Esson 22.7.1810 Millhead)


Content and Privacy: No information relating to people born after 1930 is included here for reasons of privacy. The content originates from more than one person, and is added to from time to time. The information is copryright to help keep the information as helpful, consistent, accurate and up to date as possible.